Beautiful rays of sunlight cover the treetops, as the sky-guardian Jinbe zooms across the skies, spreading a peaceful rythmic message of harmony across the lands. A misplaced drum accidentally falls from Jinbe's cloud, and plummets into the forest below...

As chance would have it, the infamous wildcat, Kokopolo, is enjoying his afternoon slumber in the shade, when his rest is disturbed by an unexpected collision...his temper rises, and all hell breaks loose!
The legendary wildcat Kokopolo! Is he a hero or an anti-hero? No one can decide. His mischevious nature and excessive temper has led him in and out of trouble on countless occasions, as disturbing the peace is one of his favorite past-times!
Tatsumo is Kokopolo's sedate sidekick, who usually prefers not to get involved in his buddies insane antics. But sometimes enough is enough and Tatsumo's sharp okapi claws come in handy!
Although Jinbe may look fearsome, he is actually a peaceful sky guardian whose duty is to protect the peace of all living creatures in the lands below. Unfortunately, once the relentless Kokopolo has awoken, Jinbe's day is about to get a lot worse!